Sunday, November 8, 2015

How to creat the best domes house

Living in a beach paradise is probably a fantasy for most people. Escaping the day to day grind of busy lives and learning to live more simply is, for most people, just a dream. For Steve Areen, it is a reality. Living in Thailand on a mango farm he build this dome, furnishings and all for under $9,000. 

He started with an open area. 

Using cinder blocks and concrete, his dome home started to take shape. 

He used this contraption to make sure the walls were all at the proper angle and distance from the center of the home. 

There were going to be extensions off the main dome, so those arches were created too. 

He built all the way up until he had just a small opening at the very top. 

The domes were left to dry until everything was solid. The blue counter weights helped keep things from caving inward while it dried. 

Everything then got a coat of concrete smoothed on the outside. 

Here is Steve mixing up more cement to give the home a smooth look. 

Windows were given ledges created using bricks. 

Then the windows were smoothed over. 

To give the home some security and privacy, a door was framed in, along with a few glass squares for light. 

Then the outside was given another smooth coating and left to dry. 

Meanwhile, glass pyramids were created to cover the open tops of the domes.

They glass was installed and the entire interior and exterior was painted orange. The home is looking great!

Now, a pond was framed in at the back. 

He created a gorgeous stone border and painted the pond green. He got some natural lotus plants from the nearby river to give the pond life. 

In the end, it turned out stunning!

He also wanted a seating area so a porch was created on top of the larger dome. Using grass he created what is called a sala. 

The final product is a cozy place to hangout in a hammock and read. 

The inside was also given impressive treatment. The floors were laid with stone and concrete. 

Stone was added to create a back splash for the shower area.

With some added plants and lights this is a shower in paradise.

The kitchen started out with just a sink and one lamp looking very plain. 

But became a fully functional and beautiful space.

The dome home is an incredible space that took only six weeks to build to completion. 

And now is little slice of paradise.

Project by Steve Areen


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