Monday, November 23, 2015

The Pororoca : the endless wave

If you’re an avid surfer, you have most likely heard of the Pororoca wave, one of the longest waves in the world. Also known as a tidal bore, it occurs in the Amazon twice a year, producing waves that can grow up to 3.7 meters (12 ft) tall. It can be heard coming about 30 minutes before it reaches the surfing zone.
Since it is a very dangerous wave, only hardcore and very experienced surfers should attempt to take it on. Not only is the wave very fast, the water is full of dangerous wildlife, including crocodiles and even piranhas, not to mention large pieces of debris and even trees. It is therefore advised to make a boat part of the surfing experience just in case something goes wrong. A Brazilian surfer by the name of Picuruta Salazar once managed to surf a record-breaking 12.5 kilometers (7.8 mi) of the wave and hold on for an impressive 37 minutes.

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