Thursday, November 26, 2015

Amazing Backyard and Pool Project

Some people are ambitious, and it's those people who tend to have the greatest success. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? A perfect example of this is reddit user VonBubenberg's dad, who, back in March 2011, was tired of this unsightly backyard. Instead, with the help of his son and daughter, he wanted to build a swimming pond. 

Finally, the excavator showed up. Time to dig out the shape!

"Here you can see the water conduit for the "fountain". The conduits are all leading into the garage where the filter system will be."

The little sister helping out:

Soon, layers of felt and plastic were added to the bottom:

These barrels were used to circulate the water through the pond's filtration system:

Now they're in the final stretch. Large decorative rocks were added to the deepest portion of the pool:

Then finished by adding rocks and a base layer of stones:

Once all that was finished, water was added.

Add some lights...

Then, in Spring 2012, it was time to add to the pond:


Funny thing is, the dad works in IT and the son is a business student. Neither are experts yet they built this absolutely stunning swimming pond. Incredibly impressive!


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