Friday, November 27, 2015

Space-Saving Kids Beds

Well-designed kids rooms include lots of space for storage and plenty of room to play. A treehouse bed must be a dream for a kid. The Slow Life built this amazing bed and painted it orange on the outside and robin’s egg blue on the inside. This has got to be the gathering place for kids in the home. Underneath the bed are bookcases and an area to play. This helps make this bed not only fun for kids but practical. I’ve gathered a few space-saving kids bed ideas that are not only awesome but fun!

So the desk turns into a bed. Brilliant! Image via Flying Beds.

Murphy beds are the way to go in a very small room. The downside to Murphy Beds is closing it up when not in use. Might not be ideal for every day use but then again – maybe! Image via MurphyBed.

I would love to see this bookcase filled with toys and books for a great playroom with-the-extra-guest-bed look. also via MurphyBed.

A very modern practical wall bed. Image via All Dreaming.
And here some other ideas from All Dreaming

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