Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Drunk Student Emails His Professor And Receives The Best Response Ever!

A student who went out for a night drinking has revealed how he woke up to more than a banging headache.

Patrick Davidson, believed to be from the US, sent an email - which has now gone viral - to his lecturer asking for an extension while still intoxicated and also apologising for his teacher's bald head.

But luckily for the student, Mr Martin was able to see the funny side and granted him an extension in the condition that he bring him a bottle of whatever Patrick had been drinking. 

The message exchange was shared on Reddit and has now had more than one million views.

It gets off to a bad start with Patrick saying he's sorry Mr Martin is bald and adding a 'lol.'

Patrick obviously likes his teacher and offers to find him a girlfriend.

He writes: 'If you want I can hook you up with a girl who can get your hair back.'

After bringing up his folically-challenged lecturer's hair repeatedly, Patrick decides to go in for the kill and ask for an extension.

He writes: 'I just needed to ask you for an extension on my paper.

'I'm really f***ed right now and will be sick as f*** tomorrow.'

The compliments keep coming as Patrick butters his teacher up, telling him to 'keep slaying boi.'

But he admits he has forgotten to some school work again.

Signing off Patrick writes:'Love you and see you Monday. Good f***ing yard.' 

In his reply, Mr Martin takes the message well and offers Patrick an extension.

The good-humoured lecturer replies: 'I appreciate your concern for my bald head.

'My wife likes it and I don't get paid enough to get hair implants.'

But there is a trade off for his understanding extension.

He writes: 'What were you drinking last night?

'Next time you email me I'd like a bottle of whatever you had so I don't have to remember what you said.'

He ends with Patrick's nonsensical sign-off 'good yard.' 

The texts were shared on Reddit - and saw nearly 1,700 responses.

CuriousKumquat wrote: 'I once drunkenly texted a professor to ask an incredibly stupid question regarding an assignment that I had been working on.

'He messaged me back, answering the question, and then recommended some phone apps that make you solve math problems and such before texting—to keep you from sending out drunk texts.'

jgilla2012 added: 'In college I once drunk texted my choir director/boss (Steve) when I meant to text my friend (Stephen). "Ey bro where you at let's get fucked up" at like 1am.'

YeahButThatsNothing wrote: 'I once high-as-f*** emailed the president of my university and tore him a new asshole for a recent tuition cost increase, then I posted a screenshot of the email to my FB account.

'To my surprise the next morning it had 30 likes on FB and even some shares and I'd received a really polite and apologetic email from the prez.

'No regrets, although I was the only one in my graduating class that didn't get a letter of congratulations from him.'

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