Monday, November 16, 2015

A GoPro Camera Was Lost For 2 Years and It Captured This Incredible Footage

When a group of Stanford students launched a weather balloon for an engineering experiment, they were expecting it to come back down . . . just not two years later.

Bryan Chan told ABC News the group had attached a GoPro and a phone with GPS to the balloon near the Grand Canyon on June 8, 2013, and were supposed to recover it two hours later. However, service from cell towers was spotty and the phone didn't have signal as it came back to Earth.

"We couldn't get the text it was supposed to send with the coordinates of where it landed," said Bryan.

The group thought it was lost forever until this past March, when hiker Pearl Tsosie found the GoPro and phone in a Navajo reservation near the Grand Canyon. During its journey to space and back, the GoPro captured incredible aerial views of not only the Grand Canyon but also of space, which has left many stunned. Since Bryan posted the footage on YouTube, it has been viewed more than three million times and we can see why — views of space will never get old!

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