Tuesday, November 10, 2015

29 Amazing Backyards That Will Blow Your Kids’ Minds

For most kids lucky enough to grow up with a backyard, a Slip N’ Slide is about as fun as it gets.

But as fun as a Slip N’ Slide is, it can’t touch the jaw-droppingly awesome things found in some of the world’s most amazing backyards, things like:

1. A Wiffle Ball Stadium
Known as Riley Field, this backyard stadium in Mumford, New York, hosts regular tournaments and leagues.
A Wiffle Ball Stadium

2. A Roller Coaster
Indiana grandfather John Ivers built “The Blue Flash” for his grandkids. The gauntlet has been thrown, granddads.
A Roller Coaster

3. An Ice Hockey Rink
Coolest backyard ever, eh?
An Ice Hockey Rink

4. The Waterslide of Doom
Kids, let me save you the trouble of asking. The answer is, “No, your parents won’t build this in your backyard.”
The Waterslide of Doom

5. A Supersized Tree House
Dallas-based grandparents Steve and Jeri Wakefield built this 100 square foot structure for their grandsons. It has a climbing wall, slide, and zip line!
A Supersized Tree House

6. A Trio of Tree Houses
They look like something straight out of a Dr. Seuss book.
A Trio of Tree Houses

7. The Hobbit House
Architect Peter Archer built this Middle Earth inspired house in a backyard belonging to a hardcore fan of author J.R.R. Tolkien.
The Hobbit House

8. Red Beard’s Revenge Pirate Ship
This playhouse from PoshTots goes for $52,000.
Red Beard’s Revenge Pirate Ship

9. A Windmill Playhouse
If the pirate ship is a little rich for your taste you can get this one for $38,000.
Windmill Playhouse

10. A Mini-Replica Of Paris, France
Artist Gerard Brion built this wee “City of Love” in his backyard from recycled materials he found in the trash!
Mini-Replica Of Paris

11. A See-Through Above Ground Pool
Andres Remy Architects designed this modern pool in Devoto, Argentina.
See-Through Above Ground Pool

12. An In-Ground Trampoline
All the bouncing with half the injuries.
In-Ground Trampoline

13. A Fairy Tale Castle
Heinz and Hildegard Schonewolf of Dudweiler, Germany, spent 37 years of their life building this 350 square foot, liveable castle in their backyard. I want to go to there.

14. An Inflatable Theater
The 16 by 13 foot screen inflates in just five minutes and turns any backyard into a full fledged movie theater.
Inflatable Theater

15. An Outdoor Loft
It’s basically a giant hammock that will fit 20 people.
Outdoor Loft

16. A BMX Skatepark
Pro BMX rider Mike Spinner built 11,000 square feet of ramps behind his house.
BMX Skatepark

17. A Water Slide
Who needs a water park?
Water Slide

18. A Western Town
Retired dentist Jimmy Helms spent 14 years turning his backyard in Texas into something straight out of the Old West, complete with a general store, saloon, schoolhouse, and small church.
Western Town

19. A Stage
The perfect place for little thespians to play.

20. A Swing Unlike Any Other
Located at the edge of a cliff in in Baños, Ecuador, this swing takes those crazy enough to ride it over an enormous abyss.
Swing Unlike Any Other

21. A Spaceship
Seattle based dad Jon Howell, along with his friend, Jeremy Elson, built this rocket for his son, Eliot, to take to the moon (or at least the top of the trees).
Backyard Spaceship

Backyard Spaceship

22. A Beach Entry Pool
Lucky kids can sink their toes into the sand before taking a dip.
Beach Entry Pool

23. Tree Houses Straight Out Of Harry Potter
Author JK Rowling had these Hogwarts-inspired tree houses built in her backyard for her little Muggles to enjoy.
Harry Potter's Tree Houses

24. A Reading Nook
The perfect place to finish that Harry Potter book.
Reading Nook

25. A Giant Checkerboard
Whoever said checkers wasn’t a workout?
Giant Checkerboard

26. A Working Train
There’s nothing like taking the Express from the swing set to the sandbox.
Working Train in Backyard

27. A Lazy River
Inner tubing has never been as much fun as when it’s in your own backyard.
Lazy River in backyard

28. A Giant Pool Table
Former cage fighter Steve Wienecke built this 30 foot long pool table in his backyard, and yes, it is as awesome as it looks.
Giant Pool Table

Source:Buzz Feed

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