Thursday, November 5, 2015

18 simple tips to get more retweets

1.Share unique and original content
Everybody loves to retweets the new stuff

2.Break news
People retweet breaking news stories more than anything else on Twitter.

3.If you can't be the first,be the first to make it interesting
Put your unique spin on the story

4.Give the people what they want
Figure out exactly what it is that you twitter followers expect to see from you.
Give them that.

5.Always upload a picture
Tweets with image generate at least twice the engagment of text-only tweets
but only when you upload directly to twitter

6.don't talk about yourself all of the time
Seriously,nobody cares about you but they care about themselves
so tweet about them

7.Leave plenty of space
Not everybody uses the twitter retweet buttons.
Mony folks still like to add their own comments to retweets,sharing via the old-school RT @ or "quote tweet" method
Tip:start thinking of tweets as 100 characters or less.
This leaves plenty of room for a link or an image and some extra room for old-fashioned retweeting.

8:Retweet others
Really,it has to work both ways

9.Have a short and sensible username
Twitter allows a maximum of 15 characters for usernames but the longer yours is, the more awkward it is for people to retweet your messages. 

10.Use hashtags
But don't use more than 1-2 at a time
otherwise it has a negative impact on retweets

11.Use an exclamation point
Studies have shown that tweets that contain an exclamation point generate twice as many retweets as those without

12.Including a link
Place it in the middle or the end of tweet

Simply asking for retweets can generate 3-4 times the amount of engagment
But you must use the word "retweet" in full and not "RT" or "R/T"

14.Figure out when everybody is around
Not much point tweeting to yourself attention to spelling,grammar and overall readability
Typos,WRITING IN ALL CAPS or twtng n txt spk
can dramatically reduce your retweet chances

16.Tweet a lot 
Seriously, one tweet a day isn’t going to cut it.
 The more you tweet, the greater the chance your content will be seen and retweeted. 
Aim for at least 5 tweets per day.
Every day

17. Keep to a schedule
Spread your tweets out over the entire day, and use Buffer or Hootsuite to plan your tweet calendar well in advance.

18. Stay on target
Consistency goes a long way on Twitter.
 If people know what you’re about they’ll look out for your content and proactively retweet your best stuff.

If you aren’t getting the results that you expect…
… change the formula!

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