Monday, November 16, 2015

14 Genius Kitchen Gadgets You Didn’t Know Existed

The Pasta Pot
This Clever Pot Comes With A Built In Twist And Lock Strainer Lid, As Well As A Unique Oval Shape To Accommodate Longer Noodles.

Fold Flat Grater
Not Only Does This Fold Flat Kitchen Grater Save Space In A Drawer, You Can Also Place It Vertically On A Cupboard Or Pantry Shelf. When Unfolded It Looks Just Like A Regular Grater Except For It Has A Handy Comfort Grip Handle

Flexible Measuring Cups
You Can Mix Up Your Ingredients In The Bowl, And Then Easily Pinch To Pour Just The Right Amount Into A Muffin Tin Or Pan. The Silicone Measuring Cups Also Eliminates Your Need To Measure With A Separate Tool.

Spaghetti Measure
Tired Of Cooking Too Much Pasta For Your Small Family? Take The Guess Work Out With The Spaghetti Measure

Never Soggy Cereal Bowl
Tired Of Soggy Cereal In The Morning? No Longer Will You Need To Scarf Down Your Cereal To Prevent It From Turning Into A Mushy Mess!

Pancake Pen
With One Squeeze You Can Make A Perfectly Round Pancake Without The Mess On The Counter Or On The Pan. All The Batter Goes Direct To The Cooking Surface. Scribble Your Breakfast.

Trudeau Pot Clip
Keep Counter Tops Clean And Your Utensils Handy At The Same Time!

Vegetable Grill Clips
These Simple Grill Clips Are Ideal For Keeping Your Veggies On The Grill Instead Of Inside Of It!

Flour Keeper With Built In Leveler
The Air-Tight Keeper Stores Up To A 5Lb Bag Of Flour Or Sugar And Comes With A Built In Leveler For Accurate Measurements And A Clean Work Area.

Dip Clip
Keep Your Dips And Salsa In Check With The Dip Clip. Easily Fits On Most Plates And Keeps Things Neat And Organized

3 Tiered Oven Rack
Sick Of Juggling Hot Dishes In The Oven Trying To Keep Everything Warm? The Three Tiered Oven Rack Solves This Problem And Collapses For Storage when Not In Use

Wide Bag Caps

Turn Any Bag Into a Resealable Container And Keep Chips And Cereal Fresh And Crisp With Bag Caps.

Cake Batter Dispenser
This Dispenser Neatly Deposits The Perfect Amount Of Batter, Resulting In Consistently Sized Cupcakes That Will Bake Evenly. Great For Pancakes Or Other Desserts Too!

The Double Dish
Cleverly Designed Snack Dish, Perfect For Shelled Nuts, Olives And Edamame. Can Also Be Used As Two Separate Bowls.

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