Wednesday, November 4, 2015

20 Creative DIY Furniture Hacks

Repurposing old furniture into something that is not only practical but also unique and modern is the ultimate way to recycle. With a little bit of creativity, there are so many clever ways to use broken appliances, old furniture, or even everyday household items. What once was garbage (ready to fill the landfill), can be turned into unique home decor instead. Check out these unique and easy DIY furniture hacks to get inspired!

1. Dining Room Chair Bench
Instead of tossing those old or broken dining room chairs, turn them into a cozy indoor or outdoor bench. I can’t think of a better way to repurpose dated furniture! The paint alone gives them a fresh new look.

Source & Instructions: An Oregon Cottage

2. File Cabinet To Garage Storage
I think just about everyone has had one of these metal file cabinets at some point– dents and all! Take out the drawers and turn that huge hunk of metal onto its side to create garage storage space for your brooms, rakes, shovels, and much more! Even the sides have gotten a makeover with peg boards for other misc. garage items.

Get the instructions here: Trash to Treasure

3. Kid's Craft Table From A Crib
My daughter would love this! Turn an old crib into something useful like a craft table by simply removing one side, painting the “table top” with chalk board paint, and installing a few hooks for supplies.

Source & Instructions: A little Learning For Two

4. Hutch From An Old TV
This antique TV has been cleverly turned into a cute living room hutch. I’ve also seen one of these antique TVs turned into a pet bed! I do remember reading somewhere that taking apart these old televisions can be dangerous, so do your research first just to be safe.

Source & Instructions: Home Hinges

5. Bookshelf Storage Bench
Aside from making the seat cushion, this is probably one of the easiest furniture hacks! You’ve got to love Ikea for this reason alone. I really like the idea of turning a simple bookshelf on its side to create a storage bench seat. This shelving unit from Ikea is perfect! The compartments are the ideal size for baskets.

Get the Instructions here: Mommy Vignettes

6. Clever Lego Table
If you love Legos as much I do, then you will really appreciate this DIY lego table made out of a dated piece of furniture. This is exactly what thrift stores are for– turning trash to treasure! You just have to have an open mind and a little creativity.

Get the instructions here: Fussy Monkey Business

7. Play Kitchen From A TV Unit
This is so much better than what you could buy at the store because you can customize it however you’d like; just look at that view from the “window”. Adorable! You are going to need a good sander and some creativity, but this is definitely a fun weekend project that any kid would adore.

Source & Instructions: Giggleberry Creations

8. Dresser Flip
This project has given me a completely new set of eyes when it comes to old furniture. What a difference! Removing some of the old trim, replacing the hardware, and a little paint are all it took to turn this dresser into a gorgeous TV stand (or buffet/entry table).

Get the instructions here: Two It Yourself

9. Bunk Bed To Coat Rack
Paint those babies and add a few hooks! This would be perfect for a mud room or entry way. I’m thinking that you could also add a wider board to the top to create shelf space.

Get the instructions here: My Repurposed Life

10. Ice Chest Makeover
Isn’t this gorgeous!? Not only does this create less of an eyesore for outdoor parties, but the added legs makes it a lot easier to grab a frosty beverage without killing your back. This tutorial even includes a drain hole to make it easy to empty the melted ice.

Get the instructions here: Killer B Design

11. Grand Piano Bookshelf
The ultimate bookshelf for any piano player or music lover, wouldn’t you say? I can’t image that this was easy (and don’t worry the Piano wasn’t in working condition), but totally worth the effort! You’d be the only one on the block with this unique bookshelf.

Get the instructions here: Instructables

12. Crib To Toddler Bed
If you thought the repurposed crib to craft desk was cool, check out this crib makeover! They are going to grow out of that crib eventually, and when they do, turn it into an adorable toddler loft bed! It’s a great step up from the crib without having to actually purchase something new (and they still have the comfort of their old bed).

Get the instructions here: Adriel Booker

13. Ladder Towel Rack
With a little bit of sandpaper and paint, you can turn an old ladder into a functional and cute towel rack for the bathroom. And, if you have as many throws as I do in my living room, it’s perfect for tossing blankets over, too!

14. Bicycle Sink
I can only imagine the thought that went into this beautifully hand-crafted sink and vanity– some creative plumbing, for sure. It’s even complete with a hand towel basket! I didn’t find instructions for this, but it certainly got my wheels spinning when it comes to home decor and design– think outside of the box!

15. Repurposed Stool
For those of you who lose their wrapping paper and craft supplies in the back of the closet or cabinet, this is the project for you! I love how it’s even on wheels for easy mobility. This does take some sewing skills, but the frame is already built!

Get the instructions here: 2 Little Hooligans

16. Hanging Chair Closet Organizer
Other than lofts that don’t have enough closets or storage space, I was just thinking you could also use this for the laundry room! Even just one chair would provide enough space for drying clothes and a little extra storage shelf.

Source: YiCongLu

17. Mini Office Chest
This chest turned into a mini office is perfect for small spaces! If you don’t have the luxury of your own home office, this is an easy solution for storing your files and little office goodies. It also doubles as extra seating when closed!

Source & Instructions: Martha Stewart

18. Bookshelf Turned Locker
This bookshelf makeover would make for a fabulous addition to an entry-way or mud room! It gives the kids a place to hang their backpack and store their coat, shoes, umbrella, etc. I would even add a few baskets on top for extra storage.

Get the instructions here: My Creative Days

19. Magazine Rack Wall Shelf
I like this shelf idea for a small entrance where you can set your phone and keys; maybe even add a hook or two on the bottom to hang a purse or umbrella! Or, if you don’t have room for a nightstand, this is a doable alternative.

Source: flickr

20. Bookshelf Command Center
By simply turning one of these bookshelves to the side, it creates a unique piece of furniture! You would need to have the right space for it, but this would be a nice addition for extra storage and organization. I really like the chalkboard paint idea for writing notes or keeping a calendar! The shelving units that were used for this particular project are no longer available but you can buy similar shelving units from Ikea here.

Get the instructions here: Iron & Twine



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